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Joys of the Central Coast

Central Coast

Joys of the Central Coast

Winter and early spring strolls on the Coast bring joys to people of every age. The hills green up nicely, our weather is almost always nice ( wait a day or two and those clouds will go away), and things like beach-combing, wine-tasting, shopping, and visiting the missions can delight the senses. Kids like any kind of surfing, body, wind or board, while oldsters might just want to walk the beach at Pismo or Avila Beach. The Bob Jones Trail is a nice, flat, and easy trek and starts conveniently near the Avila Barn. Buy produce and candy there and ask for directions while letting the kids pet the goats. For more nature you shouldn’t miss Oso Flaco Lake trail. It is a easy wonderful walk across the lake and to the beach.

For those with a yearning to make themselves a part of one of the coastal communities: Orcutt, Santa Maria, Nipomo, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Oceano, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach or any of the other fantastic cities, now is a great time to see what is has to offer. Call Mike Anderson, AndersonHomePros.Com 805 698-3770 or email at Andersonhomepros@Gmail.com for extra great help and service

Home Remodeling-Not For The Faint Of Heart

home improvementAs a Central Coast Real Estate Broker, I often get asked to do some home remodeling work on investors properties to ready them for sale. This year has been no exception. I started the year with a property built in the late 60s, and like most 50 year old homes it needed some updating: new counters, windows, plumbing fixtures and general cleanup and painting. A real surprise was the pipe from the house to the city sewer main which the prospective buyer had scoped by a local (and respected) plumbing company. They came back saying the pipe from the house to the sewer main was bad, de-laminated, with massive root invasion and just had to be replaced. Their plumbing company gave us an estimate of over $20,000 to replace the line. I hired an engineering company and they offered to change the line for a third of that price. The real kick in the head was we opened the old line and there was NOTHING wrong with it! I was there when the backhoe uncovered it and it was in perfect condition. No collapsed or broken sections and water flowed at full force through the entire pipe! I am telling you this so you know that you must be there when they scope the line and see it for yourself. There are some major plumbing companies that are preying on the public and during a sales transaction most sellers want to please the buyers. Do not just trust a company just because they are large, have a fancy truck or show you a video from who knows when.
My second rehab project started 4.5 months ago. I was asked by the investor to look at his 1957 rental and decide what he should do to maximize his return when we sold it. The day I walked in it was apparent that something serious had happened. Walls were bare studs, carpet was torn up, most of the kitchen was gone (seriously gone). The bathroom was the original old blue/green tile and shower was turning shades of black. The tenants belongings were everywhere, piled in every room it was going to be a long haul to put this mess back together.
The tenants were wonderful people but needed to stay for their 60 days notice period before they could/would move. They had lived with the home in this condition for months, waiting for the inevitable notice to leave. They knew the total rehab process would not allow them to stay in the home, but needed to save for their next rental. During their 60 day stay they were fine with us working on the outside which included window replacement, stucco repair and exterior painting. Most tenants aren’t that obliging. Continue…

Dia De los Muertos

Santa Maria Dia De Los MuertosDia De Los Muertos Its always fascinating to peep behind the curtains of history and see the foundations for some of our oldest customs, our most cherished beliefs: Easter Eggs and Bunny Rabbits, Valentines and Christmas trees. In Europe, some of these customs are layered under so many thousands of years, sometimes twisted up with dogma and politics, that the foundations are difficult to lay bare. To Look at the melding of two cultures, European and Native American for Dia De los Muertos shows just how accommodating both cultures can be. Here on the Central Coast we have a great opportunity, because of our long exposure to many cultures, to enjoy the richness that ensues.

November 1 is All Saints Day for the Catholic and Episcopal Church Calendars. Most of us may know that day better as the day after All Hallows Eve, when goblins and ghosties come out to play and the candy companies make huge amounts of money. But in Mexico, especially in southern Mexico, November 1 and 2 are Dias de los Muertos, The Days of the Dead. Just as when the first Priests came to Europe to Christianize the heathens in the 400 A.D.s, The first priests to come to Mexico christened in a lot of local beliefs as well. All Saints Day came to include two days during which the spirits of the dead were welcomed back and celebrated.

On November 1 the spirits of the very young, infants and children, visit. Tiny sugar skulls, brightly decorated, along with intricately cut tissue paper banners (papel picado), are set out on tables along with cocoa and clean water and any other things especially beloved by the deceased. The idea is to nourish the soul after its long journey and make it welcome. Bright Marigolds and Coxcomb flowers are everywhere. Graves are cleaned and decorated with flowers. Its considered lucky to have someone beloved to visit with and to share the hopes for the coming year.Mums

On November 2, the tables, called Offrendas, are cleared of the tiny sugar skulls and adult-sized skulls are put out, along with Mescal or other beverages more likely to be appreciated by the visiting soul. If the deceased loved a particular sport or food you might put symbols of that on the offrenda. Often villagers spend months worth of salary welcoming loved ones and build very ornate offrendas. The celebration involves the whole family, who spend the night at the cemetery reminiscing about family members and cleaning up the graves. Its a wonderful way to pay tribute to those who have passed and for young ones to learn their family history.

Not the last, lovers also celebrate this time, trading ornately decorated sugar and chocolate skulls and poetry. The impermanence of life, love and happiness always makes for lovely poetry.There has grown up a large body of Dia de La Muertos art as well.Perhaps best known for this genre is Jose Guadelupe Posada, although his figures were meant to be mocking the excesses of the upper classes of his time.His Catarina has come to symbolize Dia de los Muertos for most of us. She has a wonderful leering grin and brightens up dull fall days remarkably.

So on the second of November, if you happen to find yourself thinking particularly kind thoughts of a loved one, you might just want to go to a local Farmers market and buy some Marigolds.

By Abigail Kreiss

Anderson Forecast Projects Higher Housing Costs

Anderson Home ProsForecast Projects Higher Housing Costs

By KAREN JORDAN Monday, September 28, 2015

California can expect to see continued job growth and lower unemployment over the next three years, but Higher housing costs are expected to continue to rise, according to the UCLA Anderson Forecast released on Monday.

The forecast projects steady gains in employment through 2017 and estimated total employment would grow at a rate of 2.7 percent this year, 2.2 percent next year and 1.4 percent in 2017.

The state unemployment rate is expected to fall below 6 percent through the end of the year and to average about 5.2 percent next year before dipping to 4.8 percent in 2017. Those numbers are said to be in line with projections for the rest of the nation.

“Home prices in California will become increasingly less affordable over the next two years, as the amount of building will not meet new demand, UCLA Anderson Forecast Senior Economist Jerry Nickelsburg said, according to the report.

The forecast said 1.14 million housing units will be started this year, rising to 1.42 million next year and 1.44 million units in 2017. However, the affordability of rental units is becoming a concern as 46 percent of renters compared to 40 percent a decade ago now spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent.

Buying a Home 48% More Affordable Than 2006

Real Estate News

Buying A Home

Pismo BeachHome prices may be reaching new highs lately, but buying a home is still significantly more affordable than it was during the 2006 housing bubble, according to a new report by RealtyTrac. Low interest rates have largely contributed to keeping homes more affordable in recent months, according to the analysis.

View NAR’s latest housing affordability index.

Monthly payments on an average-priced home including property taxes, home insurance, private mortgage insurance, and assuming a 3 percent down payment required 36.5 percent of the average wage nationwide in the first quarter. That’s slightly down from 37.4 percent in the first quarter a year ago, but it marks the most affordable level since the first quarter of 2013 when affordability was 33.5 percent, according to RealtyTracs analysis.

Although home prices continue to outpace wage growth in the majority of local markets, this analysis somewhat surprisingly shows that affordability is actually improving in most markets thanks to falling interest rates and slowing home price growth, which is allowing wage growth to catch up in some markets, says Daren Blomquist, vice president at RealtyTrac. At the national level, buying an average-priced home in the first quarter of 2015 was the most affordable its been in two years and nearly twice as affordable as it was in the second quarter of 2006 when affordability was its worst in the past 10 years. At the local level were seeing several bellwether markets where wage growth matched or even outpaced home price growth over the past year.

Housing affordability was highest in the last decade in the first quarter of 2012 that’s when a monthly house payment required 32 percent of average wages. On the other hand, buying a home was the least affordable in the last decade in the second quarter of 2006. Monthly payments then required a whopping 70.7 percent of average wages, according to RealtyTracs analysis.

The average home price remains 12 percent below what it was in the second quarter of 2006 the least affordable level in the last decade. During that same time period, the average wage nationwide has increased 34 percent and the average interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has dropped 44 percent during that time period. That has helped boost affordability by 48 percent, according to RealtyTracs analysis.