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Real Estate the way it used to be with a RealtorSearching for a Realtor or housing information was never easy. It wasn’t many years ago that the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) was a book that was printed once a month or weekly. There wasn’t an immediate change as homes were bought and sold. Real Estate Agents spent hours on the phone (land lines) checking listings when they showed property or listed properties. Buyers and Sellers understood that time was relative and often it took hours to get responses (even with beepers-which were “high tech” at that point).

My, how things have changed in Real Estate!

Today's Real Estate Search With A RealtorToday life is in the fast lane and the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is now live and in real time. IDX (Internet Data Exchange) now provides this same data for buyers and sellers with a click of a mouse or on most cellular services, smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. Most Real Estate Agents have their own website providing links to data that just a few years ago was impossible to get. Agents who have not embraced this technology just cannot provide the level of service and information that the new buyers and sellers demand and deserve. The current statistics show 96% of people looking to buy or sell a home, ranch, estate or bungalow start their searches on the internet. That is a staggering number. No longer are buyers and sellers waiting patiently for an agent to contact them to provide information, they are being proactive and using the internet to begin their own searches. Unfortunately, there are national RE sites that are just not up to date (sometimes weeks out of date). Relying on those sites often provide bad data. Use of a technologically-savvy local Real Estate professional is still your best bet for accurate information. How do you find him or her? Compare websites.

Buyers and Sellers once found their Realtor by driving to a Real Estate office or looking randomly in the phone book. You either called or ventured out to an office and were met by whatever agent was waiting for that “Walk in” to ask for help. Today buyers and sellers are looking online for an agent or company they feel is best suited to provide these services. I expect the days of brick and mortar offices will go the way of “MLS Books.”Agents no longer need a building to call his or her office. Most agents have a home office or carry their office with them including, laptops, printers, internet access and have a wealth of technology in hand. True mobile agents are “connected” with a focus on being where you need them to be…not on some street corner or strip mall. Offices are a great meeting spot for agents, copy rooms, transaction coordination, management and basic office functions, but they rarely provide the clientele more than a facade.

When you are seeking that Real Estate professional I would suggest you make that all important call to Anderson Home Pros Real Estate and see the difference for yourself. We are here to help when you need us.

Michael Anderson 805-698-3770 AndersonHomePros@Gmail.com

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