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We have helped move hundreds of clients over the years and we created this moving center information page to help you with any questions you may have. If you still have concerns or just want more information please call us we are here to help.

Andersen Van and Storage Truck Andersen Van and Storage are our personal favorites and are a family run business. We have tested Mark and his crew over and over again and never once had an issue. We have used them to move us as well so you know we respect their professionalism. We are always on the search for the top professionals. So if you know of one that should be here please let us know. We have also used Meathead Movers.

Need Packaging One of the specialized services they offer is professional quality packing. Whether you need a complete pack or partial we have the resources and trained packing staff to satisfy your needs.

Moving just a little ways? Any move over 100 miles but within the State of California is considered an Intra-State move. The charges for this type of move are based on the weight of your shipment and the actual mileage traveled. Our service includes the proper padding and preparation, complete descriptive inventory, loading of all your household goods, transportation to your new home, and the unloading of your goods in the proper area of your new home. Andersen Van Lines (now in Santa Maria) represent ARPIN VAN LINES as Interstate moving partners. The service their customers receive is unmatched in the industry. Their specialized sales force will walk you through every aspect of this important move. All charges, pickup and delivery information,valuation options, and any other questions you may have will be discussed in detail during your free estimate.

Now Just To Be Fair

UHaul-Locations  When you really want to do it yourself is a good choice

Top Moving Tips

Make sure that your moving quote is based upon a visual survey.One of the biggest mistakes that people make when booking a move is assuming that a phone quote is guaranteed. The only way to obtain a binding quote is to have your household goods visually surveyed by a moving company. Make sure that you get the quote in writing.

Read all documents before signing.Once you have been provided a written quote, make sure you read before signing. The quote should document weight, distance, and services to be rendered. If you have verbally discussed any special services make sure that those needs are reflected in the estimate.

Make sure you have adequate valuation coverage. Standard coverage for interstate moves, which all carriers are required to provide, is 60 cents per pound. This amount will be inadequate if an expensive item, such as a plasma television, is damaged in your move. Additional insurance can be purchased through the carrier or through your home insurance policy.

Use a reputable mover for your move. The number of choices available for your move is enormous. Make sure that you are using a reputable mover who is licensed, bonded, and insured. A reputable mover will not ask for a deposit up front and will have moving trucks with their own company name on them.

Make sure the mover can contact you. If you are planning to have your phone disconnected the day of your move, make sure that the moving company has your cell phone number or another way to reach you. This is also applicable for your new residence.

Lighten Up!

The cost of an interstate move is determined by three factors:

1. Distance of move

2. Weight of shipment

3. Special services rendered There is one factor, in particular, that a homeowner has some control overweight. If you or your client is contemplating a state-to-state move, and are concerned about pricing, its time to consider lightening the load.

Coincidentally, lightening the load can also generate more profit if used in conjunction with staging a home. Reducing clutter and removing furniture can prepare a home for a quicker sale. In addition, staging a home often increases the sale price of the home.

Where do you start? Staging experts recommend removing up to 50% of your furniture to make your home appear more spacious. Most people have more furniture than they need or use. Removing personal items, like knickknacks and photos, allows the potential home buyers to visualize themselves in the home without being impeded by the memories of the current owners.

Edit Your Possessions

Creating a simpler and less chaotic lifestyle, even without the prospect of moving, can be rewarding but requires some discipline. There are general rules to help you decide how to edit your possessions

1. If you haven’t used something in three months, box it up.

2. If you haven’t used something in a year, sell it or give it away!

3. Storage is also an option. All of the full-service van line companies that Van Line Express works with have their own storage facilities. Before opting for storage solutions, however, calculate the cost of storage and balance that with the value of what you will be storing. Unless the items have significant financial or emotional value, it might make more sense to sell or give them away.

Make Charity Donations

Do not forget that any items donated to qualified charitable organizations are tax deductible. Any items donated to charity must be in good or better condition. This rule was put in place to keep people from claiming deductions for items that should have been thrown in the garbage! If you donate your items to charity ask for a receipt, keep a record of what you have donated, and assign fair market value to the items. It is not a bad idea to get out your digital camera and snap a few photos for your records.

“Lighten up to stage your home for greater profit and quicker sale.

Lighten up to decrease the cost of your shipment to your new home.

Lighten up because its time for spring cleaning and its tax time!

Lightening the load is a financial win-win and many whove practiced the discipline of editing their possessions have found a freedom from chaos that is emotionally and spiritually freeing.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments please do not hesitate to contact us.

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